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Housing "Peace of Mind" for INSEADers
during Covid-19.

The Keystone has always gone the extra mile to provide quality housing for INSEADers.

With Covid-19 affecting your entry approvals into Singapore, The Keystone understands how difficult it is to plan your accommodation in Singapore given the uncertainty surrounding your entry dates and the risk of losing your security deposits for reasons out of your control.

To help you secure your housing with a peace of mind, the Keystone will reserve a room
for you until you move in.

Don’t worry about having to pay the entire Period rent.
We will adopt a pro-rated weekly approach to calculate your Period Rent only for Period 1*.


*This promotion is only applicable to Batch 22D, for Period 1.


Security Deposits

If we receive your booking cancellation by 15 Jan 2022 (SG Time) or earlier and the necessary conditions are met, your full security deposit will be refunded.


Pay only for the duration of your stay

We are adopting a pro-rated weekly approach to calculate your Period Rent for Period 1.


Later Payment Due Dates

Payment for your first rental fee will be 3 days before your move-in instead of our usual policy of a 1 month advance payment


Refreshed Townhouses

We're repainting the townhouses, checking the furniture and furnishings list twice, and just making sure the townhouses are ready for your move-in!

These are your pro-rated prices.

Please refer to the pricing tables of your relevant batch.

Ready to Book?

Or write to us at

we promise we check this inbox and reply often!


Your ultimate MBA Co-Living Experience.

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