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Early-Bird Promo ends 30th April! Book Now!

Early Bird Promotions

*All rates shown are based on half an INSEAD period 



For the summer break, we have options to rent at a discounted rate



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Terms & Conditions:


  1.  FULL HOUSE BOOKINGS. Students can book a FH by reserving all 4 rooms first by placing a $6000 deposit. If a FH booking is reserved with all confirmed housemates, an additional 10% discount will be applied. All other FH booking terms apply - Same batch, same stay periods.

  2.  SECURITY DEPOSIT. For Room bookings, the SD is $1500; for House bookings, the SD is $6000.

  3.  Promotion only applies to first-timers staying at The Keystone

  4. To secure a room for Aug 2019, a 20J must place a deposit of $1500 and a room of that choice will be reserved for him/her at a fixed discount.

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