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Frequently Asked Questions

Your pressing questions, answered.

  • How can I get directions to the property after I booked?
    The easiest way to get directions would be to search your respective postal codes which you will be informed of for your unit on Google maps.
  • Can my family/friends stay for a few nights after dropping me off?
    For security reasons, we do not allow our residents to bring in family/friends to stay in the Keystone.
  • Where do I get my keys?
    You will receive a PIN for unlocking the smart lock a week before your move-in date.
  • Can I leave things in my room if I’ve rebooked for next year?
    If you have a valid tenancy covering the time period, you would be able to.
  • Can I pay by bank transfer?
    Yes, we accept bank transfer. Please note that all bank charges must be covered.
  • Do we get back the entire security deposit after our stay?
    Yes, as long as there are no missing or abnormal damages based on the inventory list.
  • Can we pay by cash?
    Yes, we will furnish the relevant details upon request.
  • When is the first period rent due?
    Our due date for the first period rent is one month before the move-in date. Please write in to if you have a related request.
  • How do I accept my License Agreement?
    Once you have booked a room with us you will receive an email, titled ‘Booking Offer Confirmation and Acceptance’. In that email you find a link to ‘Accept’ your agreement. Follow this link and log in with your email and password if prompted. The following ‘Accepting your Agreement’ page contains all your booking and payment information as well the Terms and Conditions which you need to read and tick to confirm you have reviewed. You can also download a copy of your Customer Agreement here and save for your reference. Once you have read the page thoroughly and ticked to indicate that you have reviewed the booking details and terms and conditions, you’ll need to enter your password (the same one you used to log in) and press the ‘I Accept My Agreement’ button at the bottom of the page. You may view a sample of our license agreement here.
  • What are the License terms and conditions?
    These are the terms and conditions you’re agreeing to when you sign our License Agreement. You may view a sample of our license agreement here.
  • What happens if my planned stay in Singapore changes?
    Please write in to us with your circumstances and we will respond to you on a case by case basis.
  • What are the rules for bringing guests?
    The Keystone Team do not generally impose restrictions on guests as long as the other tenants of each house are agreeable. If the guest is staying for more than 3 days, a surcharge is applicable.
  • What is the shortest tenancy?
    Our shortest tenancy is one period.
  • What documents do I need to bring to The Keystone when I move in?
    Please bring your Passport with you.
  • Who can stay in The Keystone by Homestead?
    Only current INSEAD MBA Candidates and their Partners can stay at The Keystone by Homestead. Subject to management approval, MBA Graduates may request to stay for up to 1 year after graduation.
  • Can I move in early earlier or check out later than the tenancy period?
    Our standard tenancies have fixed dates and cannot be changed. However, if you are looking to move in earlier or move out later it may be possible to extend your stay at SGD70 per day, subject to room availability. For further enquiries, you can give us a call / sms / whatsapp at +65-8698-8741.
  • How do I sign the contract?
    You will need to sign the service contract upon your day of arrival during the check-in process. You can read a copy of the License Agreement here. For further enquiries, you can give us a call / sms / whatsapp at +65-8698-8741.
  • What does the rent I am paying for include?
    The rent includes utilities such as internet services, electricity & water supply, and cleaning fees.
  • Do the bedrooms have an en-suite bathroom?
    The bedrooms do not have an en-suite bathroom, but there are 2 shared bathrooms in each Keystone townhouse.
  • What are the sizes of each bedroom?
    All categories of bedrooms have slight differences in terms of size. Please find the detailed floorplan here:
  • What is the distance of the townhouse to INSEAD?
    It takes approximately 15 minutes to get from The Keystone to INSEAD by public transport.
  • How do you allocate room/house? How do we know our housemates
    We allocate INSEADers of the same batch to the same houses. For room bookings, we will be able to share who your housemates are once the allocations are confirmed, while house bookings will receive a confirmation once the booking is confirmed. If you have specific requests, please write in to
  • Where is The Keystone located?
    The Keystone is a group of townhouses located along Jalan Hitam Manis at Chip Bee Gardens.
  • Can I continue to stay at my current townhouse if I extend my stay?
    Yes, you can continue stay at the same townhouse. However, if there are operational concerns regarding the particular townhouse that require you to move, we will inform and transfer you to another Keystone townhouse in the same area.
  • What happens to a full house booking when a housemate breaks lease prematurely?
    With a full house booking, all the housemates must be from the same batch and stay for the same number of periods. If a house mate breaks lease prematurely, single room rates will apply to the remaining tenants for subsequent periods and the full house discount will be void.
  • How many townhouses does Keystone have?
    At the moment, The Keystone has a total of 20 townhouses situated in Holland Village.
  • Will my rental be reduced if I move out earlier than my scheduled move out date?
    Our pricing is based on dates from INSEAD Academic Calendar, therefore there will be no concession/adjustments that will be made even with reduced stay durations (E.g. Late Move-In or Early Move-Out) within the relevant period.
  • Who will I be staying with?
    You will be staying with your batchmates by default or the housemates listed in a full house booking but if you have a special request, please let us know by email to
  • How many people can occupy the house at one time?
    We only allow up to 6 people to stay at the townhouse, which means that there will only be a maximum of to 2 rooms that have partners at any point in time.
  • What are the bedroom sizes?
    There are no substantial differences in bedroom size for Bedrooms 1, 2, and 3. Please find the exact measurements on
  • Can I pay my period rent in installment basis?
    We accept payments for the full amount only. However, if there are extraordinary circumstances, please write in to for us to review your request.

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