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Templer House

An exclusive space created just for our Keystone Residents to work, chill and even take a dip by the pool.


Take a peek into the Templer House

Our exclusive community space built just for you.


Living Room

Chill, work, or study in our uniquely designed space.



Our Templar Kitchen is

equipped with a coffee machine for you to grab that cuppa whenever you need it.

The Pool

Take a dip, chill out in Templar's very own pool in the company of luscious greenery.


Communal Spaces

Organise meetings, have meals with your friends, meet new people.


The Templer House is still a work in progress.

To gear towards a grand opening of the Templar House,

we are designing Level 2 of Templar House to give you the best experience possible.


Your ultimate MBA Co-Living Experience.

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