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Covid-19 has made student life
uncertain in many ways.

INSEADers staying at The Keystone have always enjoyed peace of mind while pursuing their academic achievement and professional advancements.

Finding quality student housing has become even more challenging than before. Just for this month of July 2021, The Keystone will step up to extend the same peace of mind to INSEADers booking a room in our townhouses.

C19BP Infographic.png

Applied to INSEAD & obtained Student Pass Approval

The security deposit has been paid and the room/house is reserved for you.

6 August
Deadline for booking cancellation that meets our
terms and conditions.

14 August
Deadline for the first
rental fee payment.

21 August
Start of Stay date
with The Keystone.

23 August
Start of INSEAD Period for 21Ds and 22Js.

27 August
Rental Relief

End Date.

12 September

Security Deposit will be fully

refunded to you if a valid

cancellation is received.

For valid move-in delays, your

rental will be waived from 21st August up until 28th August.

If your entry approval dates go beyond 12th September, you may cancel your booking for a full refund of your Security Deposit as long as we receive your cancellation before 6th August.


The ultimate INSEAD Co-Living Experience.

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